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Projecttime is a time accounting system with a focus on the core, i.e. time accounting. Time is what consultants sell and time should be easy, logical and quick to report.

But the time reporting is built around customer and project management and of course invoicing through the system. This provides such a very good control of the outflow and inflow to the consulting business that the system becomes a business system for the consultant. Electronic invoicing according to the new EU standard (PEPPOL BIZ) is of course supported by Projecttime, as well as exports to accounting.

Over the years, it has developed into a competent and flexible business system for the small or medium-sized consultant.

Projecttime works just as well on the computer as on the mobile or tablet, and is available as both an iOS app and an Android app (as described below).

Mobile Apps

Of course, Projecttime becomes so much more useful if it is available on mobile, so one of my project turned into creating an App for Projekttid both for iPhone/iPad and for Android. These cost nothing but are a service for those who are customers of Projecttime.

In addition to Projecttime, there is an App that calculates your dog's age in human years, calculated on the average lifespan of each breed, and an algorithm that also takes into account the rapid development during the dogs' first years of life. A very competent calculation! It's called "DogDays" and is available both as a slightly simpler free app and as a one-off payment for a couple of dollars.

A third app handles cottage sharing, and is aimed at a smaller circle of people who share a holiday property. With the app, you can book the cabin and share information.

All apps are owned, managed and further developed by PT Works AB. The apps are presented in more detail on the website (button below).

Read more about Projecttime or start a three month free trial of Projecttime, with no obligations.